Autumn arrives at the Gargoyles.

Autumn arrives at the Gargoyles.

September 29, 2023

 Exploring the beauty of Garibaldi Provincial Park from Squamish.

Squamish artistWith autumn upon us, my wife and I embarked on a two-day adventure, a journey into the breathtaking wilderness of Garibaldi Provincial Park. With backpacks strapped and brimming with excitement, we set out to explore nature's changing season. Our destination? The Elfin Lakes shelter for one night with the plan of hiking Opal Cone the following morning.

Sea to Sky Landscape PhotographerAs we traversed the winding trails, the forest around us transformed into a canvas of vibrant hues. Autumn had arrived, painting the landscape with shades of fiery red, burnt orange as clouds flowed up from the valley. The first dusting of snow had graced the mountaintops, creating a mesmerizing contrast against the warm autumnal tones below. Upon reaching the Elfin Lakes shelter, we settled in, surrounded by the comforting silence of the wilderness.

Squamish art for home and officeWith the first light of dawn, and stomachs full of a hearty breakfast we headed out upon the Garibaldi Neve enroute to Opal Cone. The rising sun illuminated the landscape, casting a gentle glow upon the trees adorned with a delicate layer of frost. The fresh snow that had cloaked the mountains now sparkled in the morning light. The picturesque panorama was dominated by the imposing presence of Gargoyles Mountain, high about the valley cloud.

Inspiring art from the Sea to SkyInspired by the enchanting sight before me, I seized the moment, capturing the essence of the season in a single frame. The fall colours, the fresh snow, and the majestic Gargoyles Mountain converged in harmony, creating a visual sight that spoke of nature's unyielding beauty. I named this captured moment "Winter Arrives at the Gargoyles".

Hiking to Opal Cone in Garibaldi Provincail ParkIn capturing "Winter Arrives at the Gargoyles," I’ve not just frozen a moment in time but bottled up the essence of our journey. It's a simple reminder of the beauty nature effortlessly unfolds, urging us to cherish the raw, unfiltered moments. Every glance at this photograph rekindles the memory of that autumn morning, a memory I'm grateful to have experienced. Thank you for joining me on this adventure; here's to many more shared moments in the great outdoors. Happy exploring!

Adventure and landscape photography from Squamish, BCSquamish Adventure PhotographerSee "Winter Arrives at the Gargoyles" - HERE