Ski Touring in Greenland.

Ski Touring in Greenland.

March 31, 2022

This March, I had the incredible opportunity to work as an executive producer and filmmaker capturing a two-week ski touring expedition in East Greenland. Our international team from Australia, California and Canada, flew to Iceland before traveling by prop plane to the village of Kulusuk, located deep in the arctic circle.

Skiing and ski mountaineering in GreenlandThe days that followed were a whirlwind of ski mountaineering, summits, first descents and daily exploration of the vast wilderness. From our Pirhuk Guides’ lodge, we journeyed each day deeper into Greenland’s vast mountains. The days were exhilarating and we took full advantage of being able to ski on some of the world’s most remote and wildest peaks – without another soul around for miles!

Greenland ski mountaineering

Ski touring in East GreenlandThe experience was truly unforgettable and my time in Greenland has left me feeling inspired and humbled. Through this blog post I would like to take you with me on my adventure and share with you some of the images I captured along the way. I also invite you to view my video footage which captures some of the highlights from my time there:

Canadian adventure filmaker and fine art photographer.Capturing the journey from ground and with my drone, this trip has been the highlight of my career to date. It was incredible to work as a team, moving through the mountains and capturing something really unique for the client.

Ski vacations in Greenland - Artic SkiingThe beauty of East Greenland is indescribable - its jagged mountains reaching high above the sea ice; its expansive glaciers flowing down from icy peaks.  There is something incredibly humbling about standing in a place where few have ever been before…the silence so powerful that it leaves you speechless.

Pirhuk Mountain Guides GreenlandI am grateful for having had such an incredible experience in East Greenland this past winter - it remains one of my favorite destinations ever! If you are looking for a truly unique travel destination filled with adventure, then look no further than East Greenland! With its remote wildernesses begging to be explored - both via ski touring expeditions or otherwise - I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Whistler based executive producer and adventure film maker.The team couldn’t recommend Matt Spenceley at Pirhuk Greenland Mountain Guides enough! Check out everything they offer at: