New Squamish Fine Art Print -

New Squamish Fine Art Print - "Mount Habrich".

July 30, 2023

New Squamish print - "Mount Habrich"

Squamish art

In the spirit of continued exploration and a thirst for discovering new corners of the Coast Mountains, I recently embarked on a two-day adventure in Squamish. With determination and curiosity, I set out on a 22-kilometer hike, ascending 1500 meters of steep terrain into the heart of the mountains. The goal? Spending quality time outside in search of a new print to add to my summer collection.
Original Squamish Mountain Art
Amidst this rugged terrain, I found myself pausing for a refreshing alpine swim, relishing the waters cool embrace while marveling at the vast beauty that surrounded Squamish. Continuing along the ridge, I stumbled upon a sight that took my breath away – the imposing figure of Mount Habrich, set against the serene backdrop of Garibaldi Park in the distance. Here, I dropped my pack and found the ideal angle to capture something awe-inspiring. In that moment, I knew I had stumbled upon my newest Squamish print. With its vibrant colors, majestic peaks, and peaceful ambiance, "Mount Habrich" is a true representation of the beauty and wonder that can be found in Squamish.
Squamish Landscape Photographer
With the sun setting, a powerful calmness washed over the area while I set up camp and made dinner. I’m always grateful for these experiences to be immersed in the back country and take in the beauty of the Coast Mountains. That night, I awoke to the sound of heavy rain upon the comfort of my tent. In that moment, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for seizing the opportunity to venture into the wilderness and capture the fleeting beauty of this hidden gem amidst unpredictable weather.
Mount Habrich Fine Art Print
Now, I am thrilled to share this newfound beauty with all of you, hoping that it brings a slice of Squamish’s untamed landscape into your homes. But this print isn't just a piece of art; it's a promise. With every purchase, I commit a percentage to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. This contribution serves a vital purpose – to safeguard our wild spaces, ensuring they are protected, preserved, and restored for generations to come.
Original art for home and office. Squamish, BC
View Mount Habrich - HERE
So, as you gaze upon "Mount Habrich," remember that it carries not only the essence of Squamish's wilderness but also a pledge to conserve and protect the very nature that inspired its creation. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of our world and work hand in hand to preserve it for the future. Happy exploring, and here's to many more adventures in the great outdoors!