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Highlights of Borneo.

May 19, 2019

 "Exploring this profoundly diverse corner of the globe, there were pleasant surprises around every corner."

After finishing the event in Taipei, I decided to check out the relatively nearby Island of Borneo. On my trip to Malaysia last year, I had researched lots of awesome hikes and diving but couldn't fit it in the schedule.
After some diving and exploring around my landing point in Kota Kinabulu, I caught a flight to the tiny nation of Brunei to explore it's extensive river city. Brunei hosts the largest city on stilts anywhere in the world and heading into the future these are rapidly being replaced with town homes.
Heading to the city of Miri, I was able to check out the Tusan Cliff area and find "Horse Rock" before catching my flight into the remote Mulu National Park.
Mulu is host to an astounding diversity of jungle, wildlife, caves and geological features. The nightly swarm of bats was mesmerizing to watch seeing thousands upon thousands take flight in formation to feed.
Catching a river boat, we stopped at mind blowing caves before getting caught in an utter torrential downpour enroute to base camp for the Pinnacles hike. Soaking wet and having removed several jungle leaches, I was ecstatic to arrive at an empty camp and take a dip in the river.
Gaining 1,200 meters in just 2.4 km in the heat of the jungle, the pinnacles was a slow ascent to the top. Feeling fortunate with the weather it was amazing to arrive at the limestone formations in the sun.
Last flight to Kuching to catch a ferry into the remote Bako National Park to see a host of flora and fauna.
The details of this diverse place were a delight to photograph and I hope they can remain protected from the continuous deforestation for palm plantations.

With tons more to explore, I'll definitely be back to Borneo.