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Haberl Hut. Two feet and a heartbeat.

August 17, 2019

 "It's trips like these that push my boundaries, covering vast terrain and being immersed in the mountains exploring in solitude."

 For a couple of years now, I've been planning a trip to ascend into the Tantalus to the Jim Haberl Hut from valley bottom. The time lined up with the weather and the journey began. Packing up my gear and canoe, the trip started with a crossing of the Squamish River.

 Stashing the canoe, the steep ascent through lush old growth temperate rain forest began being immersed in giants and passing several waterfalls along the way to Lake Lovely Water.

Arriving at the Tantalus Hut, it felt great to unload the gear and hop into a canoe to explore the lake. The glacier lined peaks were a sight to see.

 An early start the following day took me high into the alpine to cross through the Ionia - Serratus Col onto glacier travel to wrap around to the Hut.

A humbling morning looking over vast glaciers and some of the most stunning mountains I have seen yet. It was time to descend back to the hut and explore the lake once more.

 This solo four day journey was a humbling trip I will not forget. The beauty of these mountains and wild spaces are profound.

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