Preserving nature with fine art photography

Giving Back - Over $1500 donated to Nature so far.

November 01, 2023

Over $1500 Donated to our environmentFine art with a cause. Preserving nature through photographyDid you know that with every limited-edition print, I donate a percentage to the Nature Conservancy of Canada? It's true! As an artist and nature lover, I am passionate about preserving our beautiful wild spaces for future generations. And through my passion for fine art photography, I have found a way to give back to the environment.

Preserving nature through photography
Since starting this initiative, I am proud to say that I have donated over $1500 to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Since 1962 this organization works tirelessly to protect and conserve natural areas across the country in every province and territory. Together we can ensure that our wild spaces remain protected for generations to come.
Canadian landscape photographer donates to the environment
So, when you purchase one of my limited-edition prints, not only are you getting a stunning piece of art bringing inspiration to your home or office, but you're also donating a portion to a great cause. It's a win-win!
Squamish fine art photography for home and office
Since 2020, collectors have joined me in supporting environmental protection by adding one of my limited-edition prints to their homes, offices and businesses. Together, we can make a difference and help preserve the beauty of our natural world.
Don't forget to follow me on social media to stay updated on new releases and my contributions to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Let's spread the word and make a positive impact through art! Together, we can make a difference. Happy shopping!
Protect nature through photography
Thank you for considering adding one of my fine art photography prints to your home or office. Your support truly means the world to me, and I am grateful for every purchase that allows me to contribute to this important cause.
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