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Sharing the Passion.

December 30, 2020

"The mountains offer a lifestyle that few places can match. With a good plan and an open mind, these efforts and chances to connect will not go unrewarded."

Sharing the passion for adventure with kids.Sharing my passion for adventure and photography with my girls is always an unforgettable experience. When I look back on these photos, I know this is an adventure I will cherish for a lifetime. Getting to enjoy nature with my daughters and partner is one of my biggest perks of the job.

Sharing the passion for adventure with kids.I am so grateful to be able to teach my daughters the skills I’ve picked up in nature and transfer this love of the great outdoors to them. Since our first backcountry excursion at Cheakamus Lake, I’ve seen my passion for nature developing in my daughters as we plan out new backpacking adventures together.

Sharing the passion for adventure with kids.Exploring the Whistler backcountry and far off places like Iceland from a child’s perspective opened up a whole new world for me! Although the kids are out of school in the summers, there are endless learning experiences always to be found in nature.

Sharing the passion for adventure with kids.As we walked hand in hand through some of my favorite shooting locations, I couldn’t help but feel like I was getting to experience it for the first time through their eyes. I believe there are so many learning opportunities for not only the children, but for myself and my partner as well. Taking the time to really experience the softness of damp moss, the rough bark of ancient trees, the sounds of the forest and views in the mountains highlights the importance of nature in our daily lives and how we need to help protect it.

Family adventure in the mountains.The mountains offer a lifestyle that few places can match. With a good plan and an open mind, these efforts and chances to connect will not go unrewarded. From planning and packing, to setting out for the day, it’s key to involve everyone in the process. Instilling preparedness and ownership are essential life skills that can be built upon, along with the many other lessons time in the mountains can teach.

Family adventure in the mountains.These moments with my family mean everything to me, and I’m overjoyed to be able to share these photos with you. This passion translates into every print available in the Mike Crane Gallery. As always, with every sale, I donate a percentage to The Nature Conservancy of Canada to help ensure our wild spaces and wildlife are around for generations to come.

Family adventure in the mountains.With this pursuit of exploration, the adventure of creating memories in these vast mountains has given us a lot to learn along the way. As a team, we set out, open to take on anything along the trail ahead.
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