British Columbia Photography

Brandywine Meadows.

July 18, 2020

 "Looking out upon an endless sea of clouds and being up so high you feel the rest of the world has disappeared below the clouds."

Whistler fine art landscape photographyI had been waiting to capture a unique sunrise of Mount Garibaldi and the trip did not disappoint. For these photos, we took a backpacking adventure in the Brandywine Meadows area in Whistler, British Columbia.

Whistler fine art landscape photographyWe spent the afternoon hiking up a steep alpine ridge from Brandywine Meadows to set up camp and prepare for the early morning spectacle awaiting us. The hike was well worth it, although a bit treacherous at times, we pushed on in the hopes of incredible views awaiting us.

Whistler fine art landscape photographyHave you ever felt like you were literally on top of the world? It’s an indescribable feeling, one that I hope you can absorb from my prints of this adventure. Looking out upon an endless sea of clouds and being up so high you feel the rest of the world has disappeared below the clouds.

Whistler fine art landscape photographyIn the distance, you can feel the looming giant snowcapped Mountain Garibaldi peeking above the clouds. Mount Garibaldi was named by Navy Captain George Richards in 1860 after revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi. The rawness of the wilderness at that time prevented exploration of the area before it would go on to become the modern day Garibaldi Provincial Park. It truly humbles me to be able to photograph these fantastic scenes.

Whistler fine art landscape photographyDo you love adventure and the dramatic landscapes of the Coast Mountains? Mount Garibaldi is available among my award winning prints from the Coast Mountains of British Columbia to inspire you in your home or office.
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Whistler fine art landscape photographyA percentage of each fine art landscape photography print purchased goes to preserving the natural environment for generations to come. I donate a portion of every sale to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Read more about their mission here and make a difference to help the conservation of Canada’s wildlife and nature.