Award-winning Whistler Photographer Mike Crane

Absurdity meets reality.

October 14, 2017

"Is there a lake around here or something? WHERE are you going with that canoe???"

Learning from my earlier trial to Cheakamus and constructing a brand new dolley for big red, I was set to make absurdity a reality and canoe across Garibaldi Lake. Recruiting a fellow photographer and friend was the last piece in setting out.

With over 9km to cover from the parking lot to the put in, it was best to focus on the what and why and throw caution to the how heading out with a full pack, camera gear and a canoe for an overnight adventure.

Part dolly portage, part pack mule, the journey to the top went surprisingly well. Sliding big red into the calm, quiet waters the real reward of this trip was about to begin.

Paddling in to Sphinx Bay checked the last box off of this summers adventures and it was cause for celebration and reflection sharing so many memories made with good friends playing outside.

Paddling the turquoise waters, flanked by freshly dusted peaks made this a memorable journey. Perhaps just the Ontarian in me, this extraordinary effort to canoe Garibaldi came with extraordinary rewards. It couldn't have been better timed as it looks like a full change of seasons is upon us.